Howlin’ Ric & The Rocketeers – St Patrick’s Day!
17th March 2022 - 7:30 pm

Howlin’ Ric & the Rocketeers join us for a wild night of (sham)rock & roll on St Patrick’s Day…

Leeds-based Howlin’ Ric & the Rocketeers play vibrant and
authentic rock and roll, roving from raucous rhythm and blues right
through to dreamy popcorn love songs. Wailing vocals, virtuosic sax and
biting, grooving guitar will have the audience bouncing, swinging and
sweating from start to finish.

After forming as a trio in 2016 their debut releases, Cannonball EP
and Tears Before Bedtime EP, were championed by BBC Introducing and UK
Rock and Roll Magazine. In 2018 the band expanded the line-up, adding
saxophone and drums to the already rocking guitar and bass rhythm

Their debut album, Waiting By The Dance Floor, was released in 2019
and is a product of band leader Richard Colley and his life long love of
Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhythm & Blues and Rockabilly. Over recent years he
has immersed himself in the new great roots artists such as Nick Curran,
The Bellfuries, JD McPherson and the amazing bands that have been
coming out of Hi-Style Records but not before refracting the sound
through his record collections, drawing on classic Rock ‘n’ Roll and
Rhythm & Blues.

Since the release, they have set their stall out as a hard-touring
outfit, headlining shows across the UK as well as performing at a
multitude of festivals including Rhythm Riot, Atomic, Underneath The
Stars, SummerTyne Americana, Great British Rhythm and Blues and made
lauded debuts across Europe in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria and

Howlin’ Ric & the Rocketeers deliver an exciting take on a great
American tradition. Presenting original Rock & Roll and Rhythm &
Blues with a classic and fresh sound and are back in the studio
recording their next album, for release in 2022.


Oporto 33 Call Ln
Leeds LS1 7BT
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