1st May 2024 - 7:30 pm
Age Restrictions: 16+
Last Entry: 9


A 90s Shoegaze influenced band with elements of acts such as The Cranberries, The Sundays

and REM.


A new up and coming indie/alt-rock band looking to showcase a range of sounds such as

soft pop rock and also slightly heavier bluesy rock with their songs. With Aamirs range of

vocal styles, Claudias jumpy bass lines, Roshans bending tones and Sams energetic drum

beats, they’re looking to show Leeds their unique rocky style.


An Alternative/indie band based in Leeds, United Kingdom taking influence from bands

such as Radiohead, Green Day, and The Arctic Monkeys to create their own unique sound,

blending indie, pop, and alternative music together to create emotive hooks and lyrical

imagery, that will make you look up from your pint of Guinness. Formed while studying at

Leeds Conservatoire, Sun in Suburbia is a new and upcoming band taking their new music

to the stage, performing in and around Leeds with original tracks such as Emergency Exit

and Girl on the Train, two of 5 singles the band are looking to release as an Extended

Playlist in the upcoming months, adding to their single Broken English released last year.

Sun in Suburbia are the ones to watch.


Oporto 33 Call Ln
Leeds LS1 7BT